Georgia DUI Arraignment | Arraignment in Your Georgia DUI

Our Georgia DUI lawyers recognize the importance of the arraignment in your Georgia DUI case and will protect your rights.

The arraignment in your Georgia DUI case represents the commencement of formal criminal proceedings against you.  Our Georgia DUI lawyers recognize that the arraignment in your DUI case is more than a mere formality, however.  The arraignment starts the clock running on your time to file motions to exclude pieces of evidence that were illegally obtained in your DUI case.  Experienced Georgia DUI lawyers recognize the necessity to file and exploit the possibilities offered by motions hearings in DUI case.  Failure to time file motions after the arraignment in your Georgia DUI case is, in our opinion, a critical mistake in many cases.

The arraignment is also a time when many people charged with a DUI in Georgia make a critical and most likely irreversible error in when they plead guilty without having a full understanding of the state’s evidence, the consequences which can result from their Georgia DUI conviction, and whether their Georgia DUI is defensible.  It is understandable why an individual who is unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and Georgia court procedures might simply to “get it over.”  The problem is that if you plead guilty to a Georgia DUI, you do not just “get it over.”  In fact, the costs have trouble associated with your Georgia DUI have only just begun after you plead guilty to DUI.